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If you required a different outlook yesterday and haven't yet acquired it, you're already paying for it. I possess the unique ability to transmute your pain from your head to your ass, your wallet. I say it jokingly but with the truth (Laws of thermodynamics of energy) that you're never going to escape the level of challenges you are facing; you have a choice to balance your perception and shift the paradigm of challenge into a more inspiring and authentic form, rather than succumbing to the stress that's wearing down your health and wealth. You have a choice and either way, you'll pay, because you're paying already.

  • Live with the current status quo & pay with brain noise.
  • Pay and go out and provide inspired service to humanity and keep developing and growing yourself, to serve even more people.

If you're dedicated to learning, personal growth and transformation. Don't hold back... Your obstacles might turn into fulfilling opportunities. Talk soon.

"Amar has revealed a new perspective on life and my place in it, providing tools to create a paradigm shift on how an 'infinity of traces and current unfolding can be viewed through a balanced mind and heart. When you are ready to do the work and share your unique gifts with the world, I strongly recommend signing up with Amar."

Dr. Narinder Kaur-Bring
Professor, Entrepreneur & Classical Musician