Amar's Helps Individuals and Teams Transform Perceptions in Alignment with Their Priorities So They Can Achieve Measurable and Meaningful Outcomes

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What I do

I align people to purpose, as people are not loyal to other people or to companies, they are loyal to their personal priorities. If you don't care enough to understand those or discover them in your people (employees, customers and family members or self). You'll realize the challenges of having uninspired and disengaged people around you and face the obstacles of retaining quality individuals. It's a harsh reality but people don't wake up and go to work solely for the sake of the company; they do it to fulfill their personal priorities, their intrinsic values. It's wisdom to discover and unify them so everyone get's what they want.

I help individuals master their mindset so they can continue to elevate their lives to a greater degree.

  • Develop New Perspectives,
  • Breakthrough Old Paradigms,
  • Create Measurable Outcomes.

My Mission

If you value personal growth and development and are into maximizing human potential to get the most meaning and fulfillment your in the right place.

My mission and vision is to share the knowledge that empowers individuals to become the captains of their lives. To create a fulfilling life by creating meaningful relationships, careers and developing financial independence and a legacy to leave behind. My clients have described our work together as; "Transformational", "groundbreaking and geared for simplicity and execution."

I ensure my clients are the main characters in their story, and I'm guide to ask the quality questions to maximize their potential. Getting insights into your own patterns and behaviour and realigning them to take action toward what you unique are already try to achieve, is simply about bring the unconscious conscious. The challenges are just missing information of our awareness.

My Vision as a Thinker & Advisor

Change is the only constant you will experience, as everything is energy, within that flux there is harmony. How you interrupt the reality of your challenges is based on your perceptions. You can hold onto something for days, weeks, months, years, decades or even a lifetime. Or you can transform it in a consult or weekend! At some point, you realize it's a choice.

My Beliefs

"Spirit without matter is motionless, and matter without spirit is expressionless" -Kahlil Gibran

The mind is the most powerful and fragile tool in the universe, governed by a hidden intelligence and order that permeates the universe. A cosmic dance of the music of the spheres, as Pythagoras called it - once discovered there is no looking back. Inspired and dedicated to working with clients who are students of life and seekers of truth and that self-growth allows them to have their greatest output in life and career. I believe can't treat one part without addressing the ecosystem and this has allowed me to create a unique one-of-a-kind consulting practice.

My 1-on-1 consults don't just focus on one thing, when the distraction and noise is coming from elsewhere it's important to understand how voids create values, and if your dedicated to do the fulfilling and meaningful work to empower all areas of life: Financial • Family • Business • Health • Social • Knowledge • Spiritual. You'll be surprised how much you can accomplish in a decade, vs judging what you do in a day.

Who I Am

A man whose life is dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses to succeed in alignment with their top priorities. I'm a family man, an entrepreneur, an investor, and an advisor who loves educating and speaking to those who want to maximize their potential and that of those around them.

When I'm not working and finding a way of being of service, you can find me learning about human behaviour, philosophy and business or doing some sort of activity with family and friends.

You're came here for a reason, and I encourage you schedule a time to connect,

Amar Virk
Founder, Priority Institute

"Amar, I would like to thank you for your calm, straightforward, no-nonsense style of calling me on my shit and holding me responsible and accountable. I've found that most times, the measurement of personal development and its results are delayed and abstract. Below (Private screenshots of QuickBooks), however, are immediate, concrete measurements of the effectiveness of your work with me in gaining order and structure to my finances in just 12 short weeks. (today is the end of week 12). This process has been an eye-opening experience and one that I will continue to incorporate in my future and share with people I have influence with. What amazes me most is that this is from my personal family finance (which our income has not increased) yet applying a budget, some scrutiny and a lot of discipline has made a huge impact! The work to get here was definitely worth the effort.

Mahalo Piha (Whole-hearted gratitude)."

Paki Morgodo
Artist, Entrepreneur & Retired Firefighter


Align your highest priority and master planning your unique life & business to maximize your human potential. 


Saying no to executive around your values with your balance sheet & income statement as a report card for self-worth and service to others.


Clearing the cloudiness around the obstacles and perceptions of the next layers in your mission and journey of life.

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Financial • Family • Business • Health • Social • Knowledge • Spiritual