Helping Individuals & Teams Expand Their Mission, Vision & Purpose

Helping Individuals & Teams Expand Their Mission, Vision & Purpose
Photo by Carly Pepin | Amar Virk 
"If you required a different outlook yesterday and haven't yet acquired it, you're already paying for it."  -  Amar Virk


Align your highest priority and master planning your unique life & business to maximize your human potential. 


Saying no to executive around your values with your balance sheet & income statement as a report card for self-worth and service to others.


Clearing the cloudiness around the obstacles and perceptions of the next layers in your mission and journey of life.

About Amar Virk

Amar is a polymath, entrepreneur and consultant dedicated to delivering universal principles designated and curated to maximize human potential.

He is the co-founder of the Advanced-Potential Institute which synthesizes the wisdom from the greatest minds throughout history into actional means to stair-step your life, relationships, finances and business to another level. His education curriculum ranges from personal growth, finances, and business development workshops to corporate employee engagement programs. Working with founders, athletes and individuals who want to expand their mission, vision and purpose while empowering all 7 areas of life through inspired service to others.

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Mission Vision & Purpose

Amar Virk's mission and vision are to share the knowledge that empowers individuals to become captains of their own industries while simultaneously having a fulfilling life, relationships and financial independence and a legacy. Clients have described his work as;  "Transformational", "groundbreaking and geared for simplicity and execution".

His keynotes, workshops and private consults, leave clients with insights into their patterns and behaviour and realign them to take action toward their own unique values and priorities.

A Visionary Thinker, Researcher & Educator

There is a hidden order that few will understand, a cosmic dance of the music of the spheres - once discovered there is no looking back. Inspired and dedicated to working with clients who are students of life and seekers of truth, who understand that learning and self-growth allows them to have their greatest output in life and business.  

Change is the only constant you will experience, as everything is energy, within that flux there is balance. How you interrupt the reality of your challenges is based on your perceptions. You can hold onto something for days, weeks, months, years, decades or even a lifetime. Or you can transform it in a consult or weekend! That's what makes the mind the most powerful or most fragile thing in the universe.   This has led Amar on the quest to discover the hidden intelligence and order that permeates the universe and create to create a unique one-of-a-kind consulting practice to transform voids into values that allow his clients to create lives and businesses with great meaning and purpose.

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Financial • Family • Business • Health • Social • Knowledge • Spiritual