Refer Amar Virk

The highest quality and greatest client is the referred client.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from the work we've done together?

If so, please consider speaking with that person and doing an email introduction []. I am a big believer that if you help others get what they want, the universe helps you achieve and receive what you want.  

My gift to you...

As my personal gift to you, when someone signs up for a package I give you a complimentary session because the most valuable thing I have isn't money it's time. Knowing what we can do together with that time, I look forward to another breakthrough with you.

In service,

My practice has evolved over the past decade by focusing on meeting the unique needs of my past clients. Each one has been a source of multiple referrals. There are names that come to your mind, let's transform some lives together.  If you haven't shared my services is there anything I could do to meet and exceed your needs? You have my cell phone number.