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1-1 on One with Amar


Dr. Narinder Kaur-Bring

Professor, Entrepreneur & Classical Musician

"Amar has revealed a new perspective on life and my place in it, providing tools to create a paradigm shift on how an 'infinity of traces and current unfolding can be viewed through a balanced mind and heart. When you are ready to do the work and share your unique gifts with the world, I strongly recommend signing up with Amar."

Brady Heath

Founder, Boundless Wellbeing

"I've lived my life seeking praise, approval, and support. I've constantly looked to others for validation, which disabled me from embodying the authority of my own unique genius. Finding Amar on my path was like finding a needle in a haystack, except in my case, I was very blessed to be poked and prodded by his loving challenges and experiential wisdom in life and business. If you choose to work with Amar, know that you will soar to new heights you never knew were possible. The beautiful thing is - you will do this by learning how to follow your own inspiration, rooting more deeply in discerning the whispers from your own inner voice - your true voice. Thank you for the life-changing transformation you helped to awaken within me, Amar. Until next time. God speed. Love and Light."

Offensive Lineman

National Football League (NFL)

"I just can't believe it. The very moments I avoided and resented are the very things that gave me my life, my childhood friendships and my love and the reason for playing the game at the level I have. I am astounded and appreciative of your work, not many see it like this. Absolutely amazing."

Paki Morgodo

Artist, Entrepreneur & Retired Firefighter

"Amar, I would like to thank you for your calm, straightforward, no-nonsense style of calling me on my shit and holding me responsible and accountable. I've found that most times, the measurement of personal development and its results are delayed and abstract. Below (Private screenshots of QuickBooks), however, are immediate, concrete measurements of the effectiveness of your work with me in gaining order and structure to my personal finances in just 12 short weeks. (today is the end of week 12). This process has been an eye-opening experience and one that I will continue to incorporate in my future and share with people I have influence with. What amazes me most is that this is from my personal family finance (which our income has not increased) yet applying a budget, some scrutiny and a lot of discipline has made a huge impact! The work to get here was definitely worth the effort. 

Mahalo Piha (Whole-hearted gratitude)."

Andrew Calhoun

Director The Brain Injury Research Foundation

Insights on ways to succeed in multiple areas of life. Amar draws on his own experiences and from others to help you maximize the gifts you have to generate success. Whatever that means to you.


Wealth Accelerator

Align wealth building and service to your highest values where you'll be dedicated to attaining both Spiritual and material wealth

Dr. Shilpa Agrawal

Chiropractor & Business Owner

"Wow, what a phenomenal weekend. I gained greater clarity on my values and how this directly relates to building my business and setting meaningful and realistic goals; crushed my fears and emotional charges toward some past financial traumas; feel grateful for my debt instead of burdened, and so so much more! Not to mention many pearls of wisdom and "aha moments" sprinkled throughout the day :) If you are truly desiring to shift the trajectory of your financial future, I highly recommend this workshop. It is an intense and long weekend but you are guaranteed to leave feeling inspired and ready to take action. Much love and gratitude to Carly and Amar for creating this life-changing work!"

Aman Gill

Business Owner, Express Employment Professionals

"Finances is more than just money, it's about making a difference. This course helps you dive deeper into yourself to make a difference in your own personal life. I highly recommend this course as this not only assisted me in transforming my mindset but also helped me expand my personal wealth. You are richer than you think!!"

Andrew Fisher

High Ticket Sales Closing & Training

"Inspiring workshop on wealth and the perceptions around money. I found that wealth is all around us. Abundance is all around us. Once we work on our perceptions and charges, the universe opens a gateway to new insights and money-making avenues. By far, a life-changing workshop. Will continue to do this every year. Much love."

Chris Fisher

Owner, Apex Auto Detailing Group

"This weekend was awesome! Attended Wealth Accelerator to increase my growth & understanding of wealth & business. I attend this workshop yearly & see a huge increase in revenue for my mobile detailing business. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to accelerate their business growth but also wants a deep dive into self-development.

Hannah Stephens


"I liked that even though I have quite a bit of knowledge about finances, I learned new strategies that not only support financial growth but also personal growth. Doing the work is different from 'knowing' the work. Taking the time to go through the exercises (financial blocks/perspectives) and then working through impact took time and were at times hard, but those are the pieces that I've been thinking about post-workshop."

Mischa Pouvavand

Artist & Entrepreneur

"Doing the Wealth Accelerator workshop with Amar and Carly really helped me think outside the box in ways I could push my business to have alternative streams of revenue. They both guided me to realize how wealthy I really am! After doing the workshop I am now ready to move into the next chapter of my life with confidence and determination to make my dreams into goals and my goals into my new reality."

Sanjeev Virk

Serial Entrepreneur

"Amar and Carly have created a workshop where address the perceptions that are holding you back from creating real wealth. It is not for the faint of heart in the sense that you will not be able to lie to yourself anymore and you will no longer have excuses or conveniently play the role of a victim whenever you so choose because when you see things for what they really are, your life will change, nothing will remain the same. They help us clear a lot of energy during the weekend but also give us tools that we walk away with to make sure we continually work on our wealth-building goals with weekly accountability to ourselves. Highly recommend it for those of you who are determined to be truly wealthy!"

Kody Penner

Executive, Oil, Gas & Mining

"Carly and Amar connected wealth creation to my values so I can create sustainable wealth that aligns with my life's vision. They made me do the hard work to realize my hidden assets so I can live out my values through financial freedom. Truly life-changing."

Avtar Kaur Virk

 Entrepreneur & Amar's Mom

"What's taught will enhance life, well-being, and legacy and give you ideas about what you value. Creating and sustaining wealth for the next generations has been important, and now I see the underlying reasons why. I am more inspired to continue to grow in my knowledge and in my service than ever before. I'm so proud these two have the lovely connection they share with the family, and it is a beautiful testament to the generational wealth mindset taught."

Brady Heath

Founder, Boundless Wellbeing

"Super grateful for all the insight and hard work you’ve both put into your shared inspiring vision. Thank you for offering your genius and gifts to me so I can pass on the torch myself in my own unique way! ❤️"

Traits of the Great

Advanced Mindset and Human Behaviour Workshops to maximize human potential and overcome challenges to expand your vision and mission. 

Kyle Penner


"The information sunk in deeper than my first time through the course, "repetition is the godfather of all success". The pace was perfect and my attention was held throughout the whole weekend. I would recommend this course to many people in my life and think anybody who opened up and embraced the knowledge would benefit greatly. If a critical mass on earth took and understood this course, humanity would interact with itself and its surroundings more symbiotically. Thank you both for everything"

Tiffany Desrosiers

Professional Singer/ Songwriter

"Since taking 'Traits of the Great,' I've recommended it to at least three people who I know would benefit from taking it themselves. I've personally noticed shifts in my thought processes and perspectives, as well as in the emotions and charges connected with trauma and blockages from the past. From putting in the work, I've experienced healing in areas that long haunted my sub-conscience. The lessons taught in this course ultimately help to clear the road to fulfillment of one's true purpose. The challenging components are well worth the results!"

Jill Decker

Business Owner,

"Having no idea what to expect coming in, showing up with an open mind and heart, this was an experience that was way more than I could have imagined. Realigning my actions with my authentic values. Recognizing that it was no accident that showed up. Clearing emotional charges that were getting in the way and creating fear, doubt, and limiting my potential. I'm excited and energized as I move forward in my mission, vision and purpose. Thank you!"

Supreet Gill

University Student

"I came in unsure of what my future would look like and feeling very demotivated. I learned about how my values make me the person that I am and it explained why I was unhappy about my choices, whether it was my career goals or my inability to understand why the people around me act and behave the way they do. Working on myself helped me understand the people in my life better as well as understand that I need to take steps in order to become my own authentic self. Amar and Carly helped me achieve that clarity I needed to become my own authentic self, something that I was suppressing in order to keep the people around me happy with who I was as a person. With the knowledge I gained in this workshop, I can now focus on myself and my values and achieve greatness.

Amit Patel

Serial-Entrepreneur & Designer

"A wonderfully thought out journey towards finding a deeper understanding of one's SELF."

Chris Fisher

Founder, Apex Auto Detailing

I have attended this two-day journey multiple times now and each time I attend, I see a big transformation in my life! I highly recommend this to anyone if you want a big shift in your personal life, finances and business.

Andrew Fisher


"The Traits of the Great Workshop has immensely shifted my perceptions and beliefs. It's a very powerful methodology that will align and radiate authentic purpose. You will notice thought processes change over the course of the workshop. I was dealing with a traumatic experience from the past that has now become a BENEFIT in my life. All the challenges were turned into gratitude and love. I can't thank Amar and Carly enough. Absolutely life-changing.

Christina Tondo

Mortgage Broker

"Carly and Amar are truly amazing. They led me through a very difficult journey to get to freedom from my past. I am forever thankful."

Parag Khare

Telecom Manager

"I thank them both for arming me with the tools to authentically accept and appreciate all the people in my life; past, present, and future."

Lilia Motz

Registered Nurse

"I know the work that is done here and I find it very valuable. I keep coming back. I am able to balance out my emotions and heal and discover other emotions I didn't feel I had. My life shifts and I have love and gratitude for the person, or event and become filled with a sense of peace within myself."

Manna Malhi

Salon Owner

"Thank you for your help. I feel nothing is no longer happening inside my mind and I feel a sense of calm."

Rebecca Pietri

Fashion Stylist & Creative Director

Five Stars.

Joe Serino


Five Stars.

Linda Avalos

Flight Attendant & Relationship Coach

"Amazing workshop! This is my second time taking it and I'm grateful for Amar and Carly. I got more clarity, breakthroughs, realizations, insights, knowledge, Entanglements and most importantly unconditional love. Serendipity at its finest! I highly, highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed. Grateful to release my emotional baggage, advance my potential and open my heart even more! " Inspiring couple that walks their talk!"

Oksana Ulanovska

Principal - Global Marriage Recovery

"I just love how inspired you are to do this work together with us. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us, I will never forget this weekend."

Amanda Monteiro, 

"Amar and Carly are very clear in the delivery of the information they presented and their dedication to this work is evident in the support they provide which is very hands-on and they are always available if any further assistance is needed."

Andrea Bell


Perpinder Singh

Lawyer/ Partner

"I had the opportunity to participate with Amar in a mastermind group for over a year, and it was a fantastic experience. Amar was organized and had a comprehensive and well-structured plan to help the group members address their objectives. On that same note, he armed us with software tools and other 'hacks' to increase our productivity and quickly reach our goals. Amar's educated and well-rounded perspective gave him the ability to address issues from different angles and was a benefit to the entire group. Perhaps more than anything, Amar's energy and genuine desire to help each of the members reach their personal and professional goals was evident in every meeting. I strongly recommend Amar as a mastermind consultant and coach."

Grief & Loss

Andrew Fisher

High Ticket Sales

Gratitude. Seeing the whole picture and the whole spectrum leads me to believe that death is a beautiful polarity of creation and evolution. That energy cannot be destroyed, just altered in a way that we cannot comprehend beyond ourselves. It's a sense of knowing that we are here to serve a purpose to our families, the world and ourselves. Amar shifted that in me, through working on my mother that passed away. It's something I held back mentally but once I brought it to the surface, it created new insights and perceptions of the world that is beautiful. Just gratitude.

Relationship Program

Brady Heath & Monica Murray


The Art & Science of Relationships program was highly comprehensive and interspersed with an incredible number of golden gems. Any couple seeking to thrive and continuously grow together will benefit greatly from this immersive workshop. Sharing the experience this program offers with your partner is something that simply will not be forgotten. Timeless wisdom now threads together the loving bond of my relationship. Thank you, Carly and Amar, for your hard work and inspired action.

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