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In 2015, I was asked to be a keynote speaker at the Health + Running conference in the lower mainland of Vancouver, BC. I spoke about addressing fears and getting the most out of your mind and body, by addressing the inspiration behind our subconscious strategies. . This presentation reinforces a practical foundation on strategy, mindset and values to create lasting results when the lights are off. The power of the mind and strategy are one of my most popular keynote speech topics.

Keynote Speaker on Mindset,  Innovation & Maximizing Human Potential

As a keynote speaker, my objective is to share insights & ideas that can transform the perceptions of an audience in a thought-provoking and engaging manner to maximize human potential.

My approach and methodology to delivering impactful keynote speeches.

  • The vast majority of my time and energy is spent on writing, teaching & researching self-development and maximizing human potential. When I deliver talks I share the most transformative ways to align your life and service to advance performance.
  • I love the power of myths, history and storytelling as they have the ability to engage and transform the perspective and aspirations of people worldwide.  I'm a polymath, philosopher, and entrepreneur who knows what the impact of a single idea from a keynote can have on shifting the perspective and altering the direction of an individual and group toward a shared vision.
  • The most impactful gift and tool I bring as a keynote speaker is simplifying complexity and delivering a message in a practical, memorable and inspiring way. I connect the dots of human behaviour principles and universal laws to advance and maximize potential in ways individuals understand and can apply.
  • I do what I teach and am dedicated to understanding consciousness, and purpose and developing self-mastery and utilizing learning through experiences to expand and share my vision, mission and message of living a purpose-driven life.
  • The ideology and methodology I utilize have been utilized by a diverse background of individuals dedicated to personal and professional growth. I share these foundational principles in my monthly email newsletter, and on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Let's inspire and transform some lives,
~ Amar Virk
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