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  • Uncover the barriers behind your unique challenges, values & vision to scale
  • Employee engagement workshop focused on increasing revenue & efficiency

1-on-1 Coaching

Book a Discovery Call Schedule Welcome, High-achieving individuals come to me when they want to create change in behaviour; for themselves, and their people and to increase their service to the world. If some of your challenges are impacting and preventing you from achieving the things you want…
Carly Pepin | Human Behavior Specialist
Individuals come to Human Behavior Specialist Carly Pepin to help them master their mindset. Allowing them to elevate their lives to a greater degree, connect to their inspired purpose consistently, so they wake up daily living a life by design while feeling fulfilled & being authentic.


Facilitated by Amar Virk, Co-founder of the Advanced-Potential Institute
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Traits of the Great

Traits of the Great - Open Your Vision

Mindset & Vision workshop aligning you to your purpose and addressing imbalanced perceptions holding you back from living your potential. This covers advanced psychology and quantum mechanics principles such as synchronicity and entanglement. This is often repeated by our clients because of the life-changing perspectives you get between tackling each inspiring challenge.

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Wealth Accelerator

Wealth Accelerator Workshop

Change your relationship and psychology around money and building wealth. 4th Annual Wealth Workshop

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Relationship Workshop

Relationship Workshop (NEW)

Family life can be the source of our greatest inspiration but there is the stark reality that if not nurtured your relationship can impact your finances, and health which impedes you from creating a life and business you love.

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Grief & Loss Workshops

Griefopedia is a project Amar invested in to assist individuals throughout the process of gain and loss that entrepreneurs face. as a way of their life. You can transform grief and loss in hours, not weeks, months, years or decades contrary to popular belief. There is a universal equilibrium whether you've lost a loved one, pet, money, business or health. This program is designed to get individuals to see the divine perfection and new form through the conversation of traits so they can continue their personal evolution without the toll on their physical & mental health and wealth.

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Mastermind Groups (2015-Present)

Designed for individuals to maximize their potential, and grow their vision, mission, wealth and relationships. Gathering with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of life.
Financial • Family • Business • Health • Social • Knowledge • Spiritual

Mastermind Group

Live online with an annual get-together at our Vacation homes in Lake Arrowhead, California. For those dedicated to their growth and development to create a life of meaning and purpose across 7 areas of life. A small cohort of diverse individuals dedicated to attaining spiritual & material wealth through growing a business.

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