Develop New Perspectives,
Breakthrough Old Paradigms,
Create Measurable Outcomes.

I am often sought out by individuals looking to develop new perspectives and desiring to break through old paradigms that no longer serve them. By creating measurable outcomes for themselves and their teams, by working backwards from the impact they aim to achieve.

If you are facing challenges hindering your progress, preventing you from reaching your objectives, and leaving you feeling stuck — and your looking for a solution to overcome circumstances at the speed you know you are capable of — I can assist in processing perceptions to guide you toward what you intrinsically already know.

The reason I can work with professional athletes, owners, and individuals aspiring to maximize their potential and get more out of life is because I'm not telling anyone what to do. Each individual already has a set of personal values and a calling, I'm here to ask the quality questions that clear the brain noise and get you in your executive centre where your most objective (+/-) and on purpose. Your life is already demonstrating the direction you want to go.

Your conscious evolution is based on the speed at which you can shift your perceptions in alignment with your beliefs so you can attain the greatest fulfillment across life. The most resilient and adaptable individuals are capable of seeing through apparent chaos, resulting in perspectives shifts in minutes and hours instead of weeks, months, and years.

"If you required a different outlook yesterday and haven't yet acquired it, you're already paying for it." - Amar Virk

Amar Virk

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"I've lived my life seeking praise, approval, and support. I've constantly looked to others for validation, which disabled me from embodying the authority of my own unique genius. Finding Amar on my path was like finding a needle in a haystack, except in my case, I was very blessed to be poked and prodded by his loving challenges and experiential wisdom in life and business. If you choose to work with Amar, know that you will soar to new heights you never knew were possible. The beautiful thing is - you will do this by learning how to follow your own inspiration, rooting more deeply in discerning the whispers from your own inner voice - your true voice. Thank you for the life-changing transformation you helped to awaken within me, Amar. Until next time."

- Brady Heath
Founder Boundless Wellbeing
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