High-achieving individuals come to me when they want to create change in behaviour; for themselves, and their people and to increase their service to the world.

If some of your challenges are impacting and preventing you from achieving the things you want to accomplish, leaving you stuck and not allowing you to get out of your own way. I assist you to get through your challenges and onto the other side, moving you towards the impact you want to have. The entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders and executives who transform beliefs and behaviours are the ones who achieve greater fulfillment on their journey.

When you understand how your personal values and beliefs are formed within certain operating environments, you learn why behaviours are triggered and why you create self-limiting beliefs. Then we focus on the perception shifts that create behavioural change for impactful results.

Through simple timeless methods and a no-nonsense practical approach, I will hold you and your teams accountable to achieve a shift in perceptions that create behavioural change so you and your company can achieve their goals.

The power of entrepreneurship impacts not only you but all of humanity. And when your "Why" becomes that big, you get to experience a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life. I hope to help you get there and grow that.

Take a look at my website for resources to help your life and business.

If you are interested in finding out how this work can assist you and/or your company, book a discovery call to go over available solutions.

Amar Virk
Executive Educator & Coach
Co-founder Advanced-Potential Institute

"I've lived my life seeking praise, approval, and support. I've constantly looked to others for validation, which disabled me from embodying the authority of my own unique genius. Finding Amar on my path was like finding a needle in a haystack, except in my case, I was very blessed to be poked and prodded by his loving challenges and experiential wisdom in life and business. If you choose to work with Amar, know that you will soar to new heights you never knew were possible. The beautiful thing is - you will do this by learning how to follow your own inspiration, rooting more deeply in discerning the whispers from your own inner voice - your true voice. Thank you for the life-changing transformation you helped to awaken within me, Amar. Until next time. God speed. Love and Light."

- Brady Heat
Founder Boundless Wellbeing
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