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From Start-ups to Scaling, the Mindset and Planning Habits That Deliver Results
As I prep for this weekend’s mindset & vision workshop, I’ll share some of the most helpful insights from my experiences and consultations over the past couple of weeks 💬 In April’s issue: * Ready to Launch: 3 Start-up Steps that Don’t Require a business background * Scaling Your Business: Rich…
Insights on Attracting “A-Players” & Building A Relationship into an “A-Team” So You Can Focus on the 3-5 Things That Matter
Having the right team is crucial for success, and that applies both at work and at home. That’s why I’m introducing a new program and sharing insights on working with A-Players so you can create a culture that works backwards from simple and easy-to-understand metrics. 💬 In this month’s issue:…
Are you using the Working Backwards formula?
Whether your goal is to serve yourself or one million people, this month’s resources will help you by working backwards. 💬 In this month’s issue: * Working Backwards. The simple formula Amazon used to grow. * Manifestos. The Visions of the great thinkers & doers from JFK - Carl Segan * Rule of…
Can You Do Purposeful Work & Create Wealth?
Meaningful work & money, how to get both simultaneously
Symmetry Laws & Your Growth
The Details of Building a Great Company & a Fulfilling Life are in the Laws of Symmetry
Overcoming Injected Values & Self-Limiting Beliefs
How can you be the originator & author of your life when the injections of other people’s “shoulds,” and “have to” are still running through your mind?
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity & The Perception of Your Mind
Relativity, Relationships & Your Mind The fastest way to erode health & wealth is to hold onto judgement (Brain noise) which will distort the fabric of your mind.
How To Create a New Outlook, Either Change Your Goals or Change Your Strategy…
Set read goals or get real on your values and true objectives. If it was a goal you would be doing it.
What Can You Do In A Decade?
We overestimate what can be done in a year and underestimate what can be done in a decade.