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"Letters To My Clients & Friends"

We can't create innovative, creative, and adaptable people, companies, economies, or countries without living in our values and by priority first. Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated — 'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." This is why I explore topics beyond the scope of business, finances, and economics. The individuals who desire to maximize their potential and be of greater service understand true wealth, comes from empowerment across all areas of their lives and that fulfillment gives them their greatest competitive edge.
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These letters serve as a real-time source to my family, friends and clients to inform and inspire them to empower all seven areas of their lives and awaken their unique genius within. Subscribe if you haven't already done so, and I look forward to our next connection point.

From Start-ups to Scaling, the Mindset and Planning Habits That Deliver Results
As I prep for this weekend’s mindset & vision workshop, I’ll share some of the most helpful insights from my experiences and consultations over the past couple of weeks 💬 In April’s issue: * Ready to Launch: 3 Start-up Steps that Don’t Require a business background * Scaling Your Business: Rich…
Insights on Attracting “A-Players” & Building A Relationship into an “A-Team” So You Can Focus on the 3-5 Things That Matter
Having the right team is crucial for success, and that applies both at work and at home. That’s why I’m introducing a new program and sharing insights on working with A-Players so you can create a culture that works backwards from simple and easy-to-understand metrics. 💬 In this month’s issue:…
Are you using the Working Backwards formula?
Whether your goal is to serve yourself or one million people, this month’s resources will help you by working backwards. 💬 In this month’s issue: * Working Backwards. The simple formula Amazon used to grow. * Manifestos. The Visions of the great thinkers & doers from JFK - Carl Segan * Rule of…
Can You Do Purposeful Work & Create Wealth?
Meaningful work & money, how to get both simultaneously
Symmetry Laws & Your Growth
The Details of Building a Great Company & a Fulfilling Life are in the Laws of Symmetry
Overcoming Injected Values & Self-Limiting Beliefs
How can you be the originator & author of your life when the injections of other people’s “shoulds,” and “have to” are still running through your mind?
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity & The Perception of Your Mind
Relativity, Relationships & Your Mind The fastest way to erode health & wealth is to hold onto judgement (Brain noise) which will distort the fabric of your mind.
How To Create a New Outlook, Either Change Your Goals or Change Your Strategy…
Set read goals or get real on your values and true objectives. If it was a goal you would be doing it.
What Can You Do In A Decade?
We overestimate what can be done in a year and underestimate what can be done in a decade.