Connect With Your Ideal Audience By Avoiding These 3 Common Writing Mistakes

Connect With Your Ideal Audience By Avoiding These 3 Common Writing Mistakes

1. Stop Talking About Yourself:

People don't care about you, they care about the problem you can solve for them. Connect so they know, like and trust you. But focus on helping them by letting them be stars of their own movie. You are not the hero, you are the guide.  

2. Don't Use Insider Language:

Why do doctors write prescriptions in Latin? The language hasn't been spoken in daily life for hundreds of years.  If your prescriptions are written in code, how can you as a patient validate what's being dispensed and why? In the age of information, your audience has all the information at their fingertips. So drop the insider lingo and jargon and help them understand and guide them to be empowered to ask quality questions and you'll develop authority and a greater following.

3. Simplify Things:

Don't complicate things unnecessarily. Simplify your message so a 6-year-old could understand it. When you can take an advanced topic and explain it simply it shows you know the subject matter.

Regardless of your political views, it's worth knowing that Donald Trump spoke at a Grade 4 level to become president of the United States. With a very simple message; "Make America Great Again."  To put this into perspective the average newspaper writes at a grade 8 level, so you don't need to sound smarter. Focus on making things so simple and clear people can sense the results.

Final Thoughts:

It will be far more fulfilling to authentically connect and attract your ideal client. Someone who reaches out to you from inspiration rather than desperation has a completely different energy of growth and transformation associated with the process.

Take a balanced approach of identifying their problems and highlighting the solution so they can see it, feel it and sense it. It may take longer and initial sales may be slower but momentum will carry you further when done right. The goal is to do more of what you desire to do and you're more like to meet some more phenomenal individuals on this path.

Bonus Tip: You can access what grade level you write at here.