The Celebration of a New Year

Let this year reinforce the power of a vision, and being on a mission.

The Celebration of a New Year
Another 940 million km journey around the Sun,
you've been moving faster than you think: 107'826 km/h

I want you to start the year with a message to the seeker, the doer, and the student of life within us all: may you take an opportunity to reflect on your past and envision your future so that you can live presently and authentically in celebration of another voyage around the sun.

You and I occasionally hear that we are immortal souls, yet how often have you heard anyone talking about immortal goals? My desire for you this year is to further bridge your gaps in sharing your vision with the world. To expand upon your unique genius and double down on your mission. To find fulfillment with what gives you meaning towards the attainment of spiritual and material wealth. Let it fully digest that spirit without matter is motionless, and matter without spirit is expressionless. Your role is in turning spirit into matter, your ideas into reality; as nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

To be something you've never been requires you to think, see, and do something you've never done. You can't have something go from nothing to finite to infinite. Those are the fantasies and the dopamine of the masses. If you want a completely different perspective on the psychology of wealth that enhances your spiritual and material wealth, here's how a group of us do that each year.

Let me share it in another way with one of my favourite quotes:

"Warren Buffett is one of the best learning machines on this earth. The turtles which outrun the hares are learning machines. If you stop learning in this world, the world rushes right by you."
- Charlie Munger (1924-2023)

Let's not act as if we have a thousand years to live; death lurks over all of us. I've met a lot more individuals who've regretted not trying than those who've failed. So don't die without ever writing and dancing to your song. May this celebration of the New Year guide you to live authentically and purposefully. To be comfortable being uncomfortable and seek the companionship of people who keep you walking that fine line of support and challenge for maximizing your growth. So you have the wisdom to see things for what they are, not what you wish they would be, and take action according to what matters most.

Cheers to our shared pursuits of love, wisdom, service, meaning & fulfillment,


PS: Some people live more fulfilling lives with or without money. I've just come to realize that in any area of our life you don't empower, you are more susceptible to others overpowering you. That goes for all seven areas of life: Financial • Family • Vocational • Health • Social • Knowledge • Spiritual.

January's focus is the mindset of money and aligning it to your intrinsic values and priorities so you take greater action and clear out the baggage holding you back while creating a strategic plan.

When you measure it, you can master it, and we only metric that which we care about and want to grow. From the time I was 16 and got my driver's license, I've been doing the Grouse Grind each summer. There have been those ultra-competitive days and the fun and relaxing days full of conversations. The oldest person to do it is 91, but who's counting? 😉