Unlocking Health & Understanding Loyalty

Unlocking Health & Understanding Loyalty
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There is an approach and system to overcome any challenge more effectively and efficiently. Regardless of how big you think it is. #LawSuits #Divorce #Grief #Financial

This month I summarize two use cases for relationships and fitness goals based on the universal principles (+/-).

💬 In the Nov 2023 Newsletter for Maximizing Human Potential:

  • Relationship Essay: Cheating & Affairs (#Loyality?)
  • Unlocking Your Health Potential: The Who, Not How (#Swimming )
  • This Month: This Nov 18 & 19 2023 Traits of the Great  Another inspiring weekend to expand the next layer of your vision by clearing mental blocks 👈

Why Nobody Is Loyal To You (Essay)

I wrote an essay about cheating and affairs. You'll learn just as much about why your romantic partner isn't loyal to you as your customers aren't. That is unless you take the time to care enough to understand the reason why people step out...

Breaking The Label Of Loyal: Facing The Reality That People Aren’t Committed To People, But To Their Personal Priorities
#Cheating #Affairs #Disloyalty Every relationship personal or business is based on people fulfilling needs for other people. If you don’t fulfill or understand those needs you risk bringing instability into your life. Most people will get stuck in the emotions around their moral high ground rathe…
  • Have you ever cheated?
  • Have you ever been cheated on?

Unlock Your Health Potential #Swimming (How To)

I seek challenges outside of my comfort zone and I'm dedicated to finding the system and approaching it more effectively, so I can enjoy the journey of it. You just need to figure out who has it, before you start working on how to accomplish it...

The Mindset & Techniques that Improved My Swimming by 10,000% in 90 days.
I went from swimming 50 meters like a fish out of water to covering 5,000 meters in open water in less than 90 days, all as an adult. That’s a crazy 9,900% improvement with only a few hours a week of training. Typically, my skepticism and bullshit detector

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If don't believe you can overcome any challenge or are feeling stuck, in confidence feel free to shoot me a message about the challenge you're going through. Be it personal or professional if you want to work through it more effectively and efficiently, I can guarantee there is a more profound way.

Traits of the Great - Mindset Mastery
Overcome your limiting beliefs, stressors and burnout so you can maximize your potential

November 18th & 19th, 2023 Sat & Sun 8:00 am – 5:00 pm PST

Grief and loss workshop
Transform grief and develop a greater appreciation and connection with your loved one.

Saturday, Dec 16th, 2023  10:00 am – 4:00 pm PST 

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Double down on your top priority in alignment with your personal priorities. It's what your life shows you are dedicated to and where your most objective (+/-)