Holiday Human Behaviour Insights on Gifts, Health, Wealth & Subconscious Strategies...

Holiday Human Behaviour Insights on Gifts, Health, Wealth & Subconscious Strategies...
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Season's Greetings! Thought I'd share some fun holiday insights as you spend time with those who matter most and reflect on the year. One question I love reflecting on each year is, 'Do you need a break from the life you created?' If yes, that means you've chosen to live by lower priority activities without seeing the consequences before they unfolded. No, you have a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for the ebbs & flows and are working towards your vision...

Where do you stand? (both answers require continued refinement).

💬 Holiday Addition:

  • 2024 Goals: Starts with 2023 overspending & holiday over eating
  • Human Behavour: Pricipals of gift giving & generational wealth
  • Free 30 Planning Session: Sounding board Dec 26 - Jan 1
  • Christmas on Christmas Eve: Why my family celebrates a day early

A simple tip you can apply over the holidays that will help you with goal setting for the coming year #Health #Wealth

Just as your morning routine, really starts with your nightly routine, the day before. Your New Year's goals aren't about the beginning of 2024; it's about how you end 2023. It's said that 92% don't fulfill their goals, let me share an insight that keeps me and my clients on track.

Most people overspend temporarily in December and overeat during the holidays. So a lot of the fitness and finance goals are the cause of temporary symptoms rather than intrinsically aligned objectives of your values and priorities. So, in the first several weeks, you save and burn off those extra pounds and get back to baseline, or have adapted to the new stress levels. So you're not falling off the bandwagon, you're getting off. But so many unconsciously beat themselves up and don't set true objectives moving forward.

Human Behaviour Principals on Gift Giving

You'll see individuals give gifts they think someone else should have, meaning they want to inject their values onto them. And you'll see other individuals give gifts that help someone fulfill what's most meaningufl and important to them. You'll see the foundational components of either a caring or careless relationships being formed.

I share this as an insight as it has a laye of generational wealth-building in it which revolves around the nurturing each member's unique values and priorities. Because it's here that individuals are more objective, resilient and willing to go through pleasure and pain to fulfill what's most meaningful to them. And that's a foundational concept of generational wealth, ensuring the next generations have first-generation resolve, and they do. It's just not being nurtured at times.

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Free 30 Mins New Year Consult: Dec 26 - Jan 1

I've blocked off the next several days for myself, but if you want to go over some true objectives aligned with your values and long-term priorities, that would be inspiring for both of us. (Check my schedule or just reply, and we'll casually set a time over the holidays).

Wisdom is to align your objectives to what your life is already demonstrating you place value and worth on rather than short-term, immediate gratifying objectives and fantasies.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours

Since the '80s, it has been a longstanding tradition in my family to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. My siblings and I convinced our parents that it was the best use of everyone's time to play with all the toys a day earlier so we could get it out of our system and focus on school later. In reality, my brother could reach all the hiding spots and showed the yet-to-be-wrapped Transformers, G.I. Joes & electronics, and we couldn't wait... So it's been a fun tradition to maintain and keep up for all these decades.

I hope you and your family celebrate old traditions, and perhaps lay the way for new ones...