Extraordinary Results Require Attention to Details & Seeing The Big Picture - Here's Why Most People Can't Do It.

Extraordinary Results Require Attention to Details & Seeing The Big Picture - Here's Why Most People Can't Do It.

Achieving something extraordinary isn't simple, it requires choosing what matters most which is really hard for most because of injected values and infatuation and envy over others' lives. Most don't know they're going to give up in terms of time and demands to achieve it. Creating unrealistic expectations, and fantasies that breed nightmares of over and underestimating what it takes. Let me share how to crack this...

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  • Power of Thinking Big
  • Living An Uncommon Life
  • This weekend Aug 26 & 27 Traits of the Great   👈 ( New Format: Join Me)

Why Achieving Extraordinary Results Get Out of Reach

When the noise and stress from daily business and life hits hard, it brings a haze that clouds the clarity and vitality of the vision. Clear the emotional charges of the brain noise and see the vision unfold. The problem is most people unconsciously choose to stay stuck to where it becomes their new norm. How are you to take action and break something down to the highest priority when you can't vividly see it? That leaves people spinning their wheels working from to-do lists, rather than a top priority. Being busy doesn't mean being productive.

If an activity can deliver a disproportionate yield on results, it makes sense to leverage your time disproportionately towards the results of achieving that activity. Peter Drucker said it this way, "Efficiency is doing the thing right, Effectiveness is doing the right thing." Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort, but that doesn't mean getting more done. There is a reason why the most successful people are the most productive people.

Solution: Invest in yourself to clear the imbalanced brain noise and document the next step when you are in that poised objective state.   Click here to do that

The Power of Thinking Big

Does anyone know their ultimate potential? Most people are capped at living under a self-imposed glass ceiling of their own mind. To springboard towards an actionable industrious state of productivity, it's going to require a different set of questions and actions to build from. What you create today will either launch or sink you tomorrow. So get clear on the next steps to build momentum for tomorrow, next week, next month, next quarter, next year and this coming decade. The actions that build tomorrow, create big thinking. Success builds on success. But it starts with going small and focusing on the next steps with the end in mind.

My favourite part of doing weekend workshops that incorporate the Power of Thinking Big is reading the Be, Do & Have's of individual participants on Monday morning. Seeing the congruency of individuals over the years, not only allows me to give feedback but see the beauty of a purpose-built life & profession unfold.

Living An Uncommon Life

Once the idea of living an uncommon life gets conjured up in your head, you have no choice but to seek uncommon solutions. To find your people, new approaches, and methods to achieve the uncommon and extraordinary results it takes to live it. Because it doesn't happen by chance, it comes from the choice of disrupting yourself out of inspiration, rather than having the outside world do it for you from a state of desperation. The layer of small choices builds a launchpad for your mission, vision and purpose. To live big, focus small, and go deep internally so you can build high and far externally.

Traits of the Great Workshop

Sat & Sun Aug 26 & 27 2023

We refined the format and structure of our foundational Advanced Human Behaviour Mindset workshop Traits of the Great. If you haven't been for a while, it's taken quarterly for a reason. So if you're interested in growth and scaling up in alignment with a deeper sense of purpose and uncovering the next layer of life and business behind all the noise.  Come experience a competitive advantage to levelling up.

Mental Model To Transform Your Perceptions & Expand Your Vision

Advanced-Potential Institute - Traits of the Great
Aug 26 & 27 Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

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Message From Amar Virk

Focus on the mission, and the vision will prevail. Every decision is based on the vision and values of the founder, go deeper and expand from there.


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